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Re: new scripts and patches for devscripts

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 02:34:51PM -0500, James Vega wrote:
> I completely agree that rewriting the tools isn't a useful effort.  I
> was more concerned that there had been significant development done on
> scripts that were intended to be proposed to devscripts and yet were
> intentionally being written in a language that I had previously
> expressed to Benjamin wasn't used in devscripts.
> I'm not categorically opposed to having Python scripts in devscripts,
> as I do grok Python.  My resistance was more due to the process around
> the proposed contributions and posing the barrier to acceptance as
> purely an added dependency.

I can understand that, sorry I haven't grokked it before.  If you feel
previous agreements have been "betrayed" (ok, that's a strong word ...),
than this is a whole different matter, a one of trust, which is up to
devscripts maintainers to judge.

> Also, while Benjamin and Stefano have offered to support the potential
> new scripts, how does that help with the existing scripts which Benjamin
> stated concern about?  Last we spoke, he wasn't comfortable with Perl,
> so while they may support their scripts within devscripts, how much does
> it really buy for the devscripts package as a whole?  Is it worth moving
> them or easier to just keep them in ubuntu-dev-tools?

Having a script rather than in u-d-t will most likely mean that a lot
more people, not only in Debian but also in other derivatives, will have
higher chances to discover it. If the tool in question increases
maintainer productivity (and/or diminish tedious work), there lies some
value in moving script.

I agree that if Stefano and Benjamin have only expressed interest in
those scripts there is no added values for other scripts, but I'm
unconvinced that's bad per se.


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