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Re: new scripts and patches for devscripts

Hi James (2011.03.10_21:34:51_+0200)
> I completely agree that rewriting the tools isn't a useful effort.  I
> was more concerned that there had been significant development done on
> scripts that were intended to be proposed to devscripts and yet were
> intentionally being written in a language that I had previously
> expressed to Benjamin wasn't used in devscripts.

I've done development on them while they were in u-d-t, because they had
issues that needed fixing, or new features I/other people wanted, and I
don't care *that* much which package they live in. Yes, some of the
scripts have always intended to be proposed for devscripts, but that was
no reason not to work on them. Especially when getting them into
devscripts was going to run into this language barrier...

I've even rewritten some u-d-t Perl scripts in Python, so they could
take advantage of Python libraries we'd already implemented, rather than
have to implement the same things in multiple languages. (Also, my Perl
is pretty poor, I'm much more productive in Python).

> Last we spoke, he wasn't comfortable with Perl, so while they may
> support their scripts within devscripts, how much does it really buy
> for the devscripts package as a whole?

It's a fair point. My perl isn't great, and I can't suddenly see myself
suddenly getting deeply involved in devscripts. Of course the future is
hard to predict, but I'm not planning on sharpening my perl skills.


Stefano Rivera
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