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Re: new scripts and patches for devscripts

* Stefano Zacchiroli [2011-03-11 00:18 +0100]:
> First of all, I'm not sure anymore that I see the point of discussing
> the *language issue* in a circle larger than the devscripts
> maintainers. ... The language issue should probably be a decision
> within the devscripts team, together with the script proposers.

Wise words.

> Nevertheless, I think the argument you're proposing above is potentially
> dangerous. You seem to assume that just because some new scripts get
> into devscripts then it will be up to the most active maintainer of the
> package to maintain them. ...

Debian is a do-ocracy and every DD governs his or her small country ;)
I was talking about who should decide such things (not how specific
teams work internally) and described a way to avoid working together on
one package if there is no agreement.

> IMHO, part of the value of devscripts is that it offers a bunch of
> useful maintenance script by default. It's already quite big and very
> few maintainers know all of them. Splitting the package even more will
> further reduce the possibility that maintainers will find them.

There is a similar argument for changing the current state: having
generally useful scripts in ubuntu-dev-tools "reduce(s) the possibility
that maintainers will find them" since the Ubuntu specific ones and
those that assume Ubuntu typical configurations cause a lot of noise.


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