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Re: new scripts and patches for devscripts

On to, 2011-03-10 at 11:28 -0500, James Vega wrote:
> I also think that going off and writing scripts in Python when one knows
> that devscripts is a Perl and shell project is the wrong way to try to
> contribute.  One generally tries to work with a project, not write a lot
> of code in a language the project isn't using and then come back later
> to try and push that code into the project.

I suspect most people who want to add something to devscripts don't
start off by deciding that they want to do that. Instead they have an
itch they want to scratch, they write something quick to get fix that,
and then realize that it might be useful for others, and submit it to

That's certainly what happened to dd-list.

devscripts is by nature a collection of tools that are only slightly
related. This makes it quite different from the usual kind of package or

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