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Re: chromium-browser is taking over all URLs

On Mon, 14 Feb 2011, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > How is one supposed to prioritize between the various browsers?
> There will be a default selected in gnome-session, that can be changed
> by user action. Without a session-wide default (any session manager can
> set one, of course) a random choice (possibly alphabetical) is used.

How is that default communicated? An environment variable? A gconf key?

(I'm looking for a work-around for myself that can be used immediately)
> Maybe 2.32, but it won’t be uploaded anyway, so that will be 3.0 to have
> the GUI to configure that default.

That means in several months. :(

> > From a user point of view, it's disturbing and this change will reach
> > testing if we don't finish is properly soon enough (or open an appropriate
> > RC bug on glib to avoid having it migrate before the other components are
> > in place).
> We are used to have much more terrible breakage in testing/unstable
> right after a release. If our concerns are now bugs wrt. setting the
> default browser, it must mean we are doing *great* :)

Well, if we want to be serious about Constantly Usable Testing (and I wish
we do) I believe we should care about such things because they are far from
being details from an end-user perspective.

Filed #613381 to block glib2.0.

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