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Re: RFC: Rules for distro-friendly packages

* Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl> schrieb:

> A monstrual sh script that's generated using all unsightly tricks that were
> necessary for 70's shells is as far from being source as you can get and
> still be a text file.

ACK. A small shell script using a bunch of well-designed functions
(which might also come from a separate package) would be much easier
to maintain. I'm doing a bit research on that, just in case somebody's
interested in that..

> Or do you really mean that we're supposed to patch *that*?

Actually, I've already seen that. For example mysql-5.0.x Debian packages.
(they also did other insane things).

> If you don't want it to be rebuilt, leave the source untouched.  And if you
> do modify the source, not regenerating ./configure would be wrong.  If I
> modify foo.c, I do expect foo.o to be rebuilt.

ACK. That's why I *always* regenerate the whole stuff (I don't even
want to check which files have to be regenerated if I touch some
source file - the computer has to do that on it's own).

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