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Re: RFC: Rules for distro-friendly packages

* Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl> schrieb:

> * non-distro users -- another issue to watch for while hacking on the
>            program.  As long as they don't modify the autotoolage, they
>            don't need autotools installed -- and if they did, they do want
>            to be told what they need instead of their modifications being
>            silently ignored.

A word from a seasoned maintainer of dozens downstream-branches:
Those changes are required most of the time. A single Makefile
change requires regeneration. Touching headers/sources often also
triggers regeneration (eg. make target deps have to be updated).
When dealing w/ crosscompiling, you often have to fix broken
configure.ac's, which do stupid assumptions (AC_TRY_RUN,AC_FILE,etc)
or the package was generated against an old and totally broken
libtool version, and again you'll have to run through the whole
regeneration again.

So I'm always doing full regeneration (on each build).

> * Debian -- building things from the actual source is one of the core rules

Please define "actual source". I never considered the autogenerated
files as part of the actual source - they're just leftovers for 
convenience - the actual source of them are files like configure.ac.

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