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Re: Thinking about bundles

* Nicholas Bamber <nicholas@periapt.co.uk> schrieb:

>    However I have to say that Debian as a whole cannot have it both 
> ways. Either ftp-master  lifts the restriction on

Is there any hard reason for such restrictions ?

> small modules or there has to be decent support for "components". I have 
> started work on this 
> (http://github.com/periapt/pkg-components/blob/master/TODO) though I 
> have some way to go. (And it is not my highest priority).

That would essentially mean introducing another dimension in the
dependency graph (even if it's hidden to dpkg+friends, it'll still
be somewhere in the release process). I'd strongly advise against that.

Another point: from users/sysop's view, I'd really like to have packages
as small as possible, and only those installed which are really required.
IIRC these bundles will essentially make few big distro packages out
of dozens small upstream packages - exactly the opposite of what I want.

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