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Re: Flag images

Steve Langasek schrieb:

> Herbert's resignation mail is here:
>   http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/05/msg00276.html
> I've always found it ambiguous what Herbert was referring to when he said
> "this is too much" - the use of the Taiwanese flag?  The original listing of
> Taiwan as a country that started the thread?  Denis rudely telling Herbert
> that he should resign and join Fedora? - but I don't conclude that his
> resignation had nothing to do with flags.

Did you see
| Had you made your own list of locations from scratch there would be no
| complaint by me.  However, if you use the iso name for every location
| except that of Taiwan, then I do have a problem with that.
| If this is your attitude, then I shall resign this project.  I do not
| wish to be associated with people who're actively working towards the
| independence of Taiwan.


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