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Re: Flag images

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 06:05:41PM +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Dmitry E. Oboukhov (unera@debian.org):

> > PW> As an example of the practical effects of flags in the context of
> > PW> Debian; a number of years ago we lost our kernel maintainer, partially
> > PW> because KDE in Debian included a flag of a country the maintainer (and
> > PW> his government) disapproved of. A team formed to replace him, but
> > PW> losing contributors still sucks.

> > Hgm..
> > When I saw KDE (it was 1.xx version) it contained lang switcher which
> > used flags as language indicator. What happened to it? How is this task
> > resolved now?

> Paul is slightly wrong in his example. We lost the kernel maintainer
> because he was thinking that using a compromise in the iso-codes
> package to have a common name for TW that is "Taiwan" and not the
> official "Taiwan, Province of China" name....was offensive for him and
> China "mainland" people (while having "Taiwan, Province of China"
> only was offensive to citizens of the island that everybody in the
> world names "Taiwan").

> So, nothing to do with flags, indeed. But, besides the underlying
> problem (that has no "good" solution), that example shows that
> anything related to political geography is highly sensitive. And, for
> this, Paul's example is correct.

Herbert's resignation mail is here:


I've always found it ambiguous what Herbert was referring to when he said
"this is too much" - the use of the Taiwanese flag?  The original listing of
Taiwan as a country that started the thread?  Denis rudely telling Herbert
that he should resign and join Fedora? - but I don't conclude that his
resignation had nothing to do with flags.

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