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Re: Flag images

On 03:37 Tue 16 Feb     , Paul Wise wrote:
PW> On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 3:14 AM, Dmitry E. Oboukhov <unera@debian.org> wrote:

>> new version of rtpg (rtpg2) will have language button and geoIP peer's
>> information with country's flag etc.

PW> Sounds like a fairly pointless feature to me. Unfortunately that seems
PW> to be common in torrent clients these days. The language button
PW> likewise sounds less than useful since HTTP content negotiation does
PW> the same job automatically.

>> Why should I avoid adding flags? I looked through Your links but I
>> didn't understand why using flags is a bad way? I have found full
>> free flag collection, flags occur in many packages and I think it is
>> the obvious method to separate geo information.

PW> I'd encourage you to read the whole LWN thread, but in short: to
PW> prevent nationalistic or political disputes from affecting Debian.

PW> As an example of the practical effects of flags in the context of
PW> Debian; a number of years ago we lost our kernel maintainer, partially
PW> because KDE in Debian included a flag of a country the maintainer (and
PW> his government) disapproved of. A team formed to replace him, but
PW> losing contributors still sucks.

When I saw KDE (it was 1.xx version) it contained lang switcher which
used flags as language indicator. What happened to it? How is this task
resolved now?

In my project flags wont be required but i would upload/maintain
separated flags package (it is already in NEW stage). Yes, flags can
activate some people, for example I hate our current russian flag
which was used by traitor army of Vlasov in Great Patriotic War and
now is using our occupation government, but it is usually practice to
use flags as indicators and I don't know other alternatives - I'm
using it.

We wanted to add flags package and add suggest or recommend level of
dependence into our package. But If it is so meaningful theme may be
it must be noticed in debian-policy?
... mpd is off

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