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Flag images

There are many packages in debian contain flag images.
For example:
    awstats         - /usr/share/awstats/icon/flags/
    b2evolution     - /usr/share/b2evolution/rsc/flags/h10px
    bygfoot         - /usr/share/games/bygfoot/support_files/pixmaps/symbols
    deluge-common   - /usr/share/pyshared/deluge/data/pixmaps/flags

I'm going to add into debian a few new (my) projects which need flag
images and so I want to add a package which contains flag set.

There is one question: where these images can be placed?

Standard place is /usr/share/<package> or /usr/share/pixmaps/... or
/usr/share/icons, but all of these variants don't include flag

I think that it would be nice to separate such directory and place
flags into in.
for example

Then packages could use (and people could seek) this place as shared
place for identical tasks.

Now I want to add a package which contains these icons:

Is it meaning to use separating directory like /usr/share/flags or
/usr/share/pixmaps/flags or not? If Yes which of these variants will
be better?
... mpd is off

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