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Re: New Menu category Applictions/Multimedia

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 10:36 PM, Darren Salt
<linux@youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk> wrote:

>> The freedesktop.org specification does not impose a layout. You are
>> probably talking about the KDE, GNOME or Xfce menu.
> Hmm? I was under the impression that they all included the same
> auto-generated file...

He is referring to the fact that in GNOME at least, the FDO menu
structure is dynamically created based on what you have installed at
the time. If you have hundreds of games from different genres, the
games menu will be a bunch of submenus, but if you have only a few, it
will have no sub-menus. That said, there are certainly FDO menu
implementations that do not do this, E17 with the Illume theme on
OpenMoko comes to mind. I installed sgt-puzzles there and did not get
a games sub-menu.

> No; it's more that packages which add a *lot* of menu items should add a
> submenu for them. Alternatively, some further subdivision by type (not
> necessarily making the menu tree deeper, though).

That is certainly possible, since there are at least 3 packages in
Debian that extend the FDO menu in some way (education-menus,
extra-xdg-menus, islamic-menus and possibly moblin-menus).



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