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Re: New Menu category Applictions/Multimedia

I demand that Josselin Mouette may or may not have written...

> The layout sucks: a good menu is hard to do because it must not be too deep
> (too many clicks/movements to reach an application) nor too crowded (too
> many applications in one submenu). The Debian menu is an achievement in
> failure itself, since it manages to be both too deep and have crowded
> submenus.

The freedesktop one is too shallow; it has crowded submenus as a result
(particularly its games submenu, IME). Plus, as noted elsewhere, a lot is
missing from it.

The Debian menu could probably do with a little splitting up here and there
(sgt-puzzles, for example, adds quite a few menu entries to Games→Puzzles), a
bit of merging here and there...

> Furthermore it mixes applications, settings, and random unrelated stuff,
> without any consideration of accessibility of said items.

That would be a matter of reporting bugs on packages which place items in the
"wrong" places.

> A window manager switch item (something you won’t ever need, actually) is
> more accessible than a terminal or a web browser.

Maybe a little reorganising is needed; but if the desktop menu happens to
have a generic top-level "web browser" item, that ceases to be a problem.

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