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Re: My warning about Lenny

Martin Wuertele wrote:
> * Andrzej Borucki <borucki_andrzej@wp.pl> [2010-01-10 19:58]:
>> I am beginner in Linux. I install Debian 5.0.3 "Lenny". I have several
>> warnings: - in install I can't choose Gnome or Kde
> "Graphical desktop environment" will install both, however you can go
> without "Graphical desktop environment" and then install either gnome or
> kde with aptitude, synaptics or whatever your preferred apt frontend is.

That's not so, but has already been corrected by Joey.

>> - in installed system I can't choose between Gnome or Kde - is any
>> possibility?
> If you installed "Graphical desktop environment" a graphical
> login-manager is started and you should be able to switch "session" to
> get either gnome or kde.

Or simply install just one or the other using either the correct tasks or 
the correct meta packages.
>> - Debian pack 6 DVD but only first can be readed in installation
> Did you verify the disks? You can use apt-cdrom to add the other disks
> anytime when needed. Usually the first DVD is enough for average
> installations.

apt-cdrom is only useful *after* the installation, but Debian Installer 
itself also supports installing from multiple CDs or DVDs. It will ask if 
you want you scan additional CD/DVDs after you have entered the root 
password and the info for the first user account.


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