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Re: My warning about Lenny

(Moving this to the d-boot list. Please reply to that list only.)

Martin Wuertele wrote:
> * Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> [2010-01-10 23:23]:
>> This is not the case in Debian 5.0. Nor was it the case with Debian 4.0.
>> Debian 3.1 (2005) was the last one to do that.
> Interesting. Tasksel on my Squeeze box still does that.

It really shouldn't, and it doesn't for me in sid. We've also had no other 
reports of that happening.

How exactly did you determine that it does?
The best way to check is to select both "Graphical desktop environment" and
"manual package selection" and then check the list shown in aptitude 
of "Packages to be installed" (not the ones to be installed automatically 
as dependencies).

There is only way it can do that: if at some point you preseeded a the 
debconf template 'tasksel/desktop' to install both. But that's unlikely.
What's the output of 'debconf-show tasksel | grep "/desktop"'?


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