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New GMP version 5.0.0 available in experimental: please test

Upstream released a new GMP version 5.0.0 with a scary-sounding

    The 5.0.0 release contain a very large amount of new code, and
    countless improvements to existing code, please see below for the
    complete list.  No past GMP release has contained more new code
    than 5.0.0.  Most of the new code is at the "mpn level", i.e., the
    low-level used by other part of the library.

    CAUTION: The amount of new code means that there might be more
    bugs in this release than in most GMP releases in the past.  We
    therefore release the stable GMP 4.3.2 at about the same time as
    this release.  If you are concerned about possible bugs in the
    present release, consider using GMP 4.3.2 instead. [...]

So I uploaded GMP 4.3.2 to unstable and 5.0.0 to experimental.

It would be helpful to have some folks (GMP power users
especially) try out 5.0.  Feel free to report bugs upstream
(I follow gmp-bugs), or to the BTS.

I've been using 5.0 for a day and haven't seen any ill
effects.  Please let me know your experience, good or bad.


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