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Re: My warning about Lenny


Your questions are better asked on debian-user@lists.debian.org - thus

* Andrzej Borucki <borucki_andrzej@wp.pl> [2010-01-10 19:58]:

> I am beginner in Linux. I install Debian 5.0.3 "Lenny". I have several warnings:
> - in install I can't choose Gnome or Kde

"Graphical desktop environment" will install both, however you can go
without "Graphical desktop environment" and then install either gnome or
kde with aptitude, synaptics or whatever your preferred apt frontend is.

> - in installed system I can't choose between Gnome or Kde - is any possibility?

If you installed "Graphical desktop environment" a graphical
login-manager is started and you should be able to switch "session" to
get either gnome or kde.

> - I can't login as root to graphical environment, only is root terminal

This is a feature. For security reasons you should never login as root
in a graphical environment. If you need to perform admin tasks as root
use tools like su, sudo, gksu,...

> - Debian pack 6 DVD but only first can be readed in installation

Did you verify the disks? You can use apt-cdrom to add the other disks
anytime when needed. Usually the first DVD is enough for average

> - no mkinitrd found (is needed to compile kernel)

This is depricated. If you want to bild your own kernel please use
make-kpkg from the kernel-package which builds your initrd with the
tools provided by initramfs-tools. For average installations it should
be necessary for you to roll your own kernel, if modules are missing you
might want to add them via module-assistant.


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