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Re: Has Debian abandoned Python?

On Wed, 02 Dec 2009, Norbert Preining wrote:
> > Just keep in mind that /dev/rfkill manipulates radios of a given _type_
> > as a group, and that an user could have many radios of the same type,
> *Really*?? I was looking into the rfkill code since I reimplemented
> the protocol in my python applet and I don't see that. You can
> switch on/off one rfkill at a time, and that is NOT a group.

Depends on how you call it.  Evidently, you have read the documentation
and thus are doing it right.  I thank you for that :)

> > and want to manipulate just one.  Also, touching any rfkill line _can_
> > cause hotplug and hotunplug of devices.
> And? That is the right way, or?

There are two user cases: group and individual.  It is not a question of
right or wrong.  If your tool is for general use, you might want to add
group support if it fits the use cases your tool should address.

Group support is absolutely required only if you're also going to
process the various EV_SW and EV_KEY events related to rfkill.

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