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Re: Has Debian abandoned Python?

HI all,

I have no personal opinion on python, but seeing that the maintainer
has not stepped up and at elast *explained* what is going on and why
we are lacking behind several releases is not a good sign.

On Mi, 02 Dez 2009, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> It's a bit too easy to behave like an ass and insult him, and then
> complain that he is not talking to you or willing to work with you.

You should behave, too, and not starting calling other "ass", that
does not help anyone.

What is needed is a statement of the maintainer on what his plans are
and why there are problems. If he does not come up witha decent
argumentation that should simply be discussed in the technical committee
and the package handed over.

Insulting as you (Lucas) did does not help, your insults were worse than
what the OP wrote.

On Mi, 02 Dez 2009, Marc Haber wrote:
> We actually need people showing traces of social skills, which you
> don't.

On which fact do you pose this statement? I think the OP did clearly 
specify what are the problems in this area, and it seems that the
maintainer didn't respond by now.

So what is the problem with social skills, maybe you are the one lacking

Best wishes


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