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Re: Has Debian abandoned Python?

Hi Henrique,

not sure if it fits here, but still interesting.

On Mi, 02 Dez 2009, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> Ah, ok.   NetworkManager is supposed to be able to deal with rfkill, too

But probably only for WLAN, not WWAN. And then, I don't want install 
the whole bunch of horrible NM only to switch off my WWAN when I don't
need it and want to save energy.

> > This is currently only possible for the bluetooth in gnome, but
> > not for my laptop's builtin WWAN and WLAN.
> Heh, already got some side comments about gnome interfering with
> bluetooth rfkill from an user :-p

I cannot comment on that, since I am not using bt.

> > My program allows exactely that, and uses either DBus/HAL interface
> > of /dev/rfkill.
> Just keep in mind that /dev/rfkill manipulates radios of a given _type_
> as a group, and that an user could have many radios of the same type,

*Really*?? I was looking into the rfkill code since I reimplemented
the protocol in my python applet and I don't see that. You can
switch on/off one rfkill at a time, and that is NOT a group.

So I am not sure what you mean, maybe I misunderstood you.

> and want to manipulate just one.  Also, touching any rfkill line _can_
> cause hotplug and hotunplug of devices.

And? That is the right way, or?

Best wishes


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