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Re: debian/rules "make -f" restriction


> Build a development version of the vdr-plugin-* package from the same
> source, but using the API of the development version of VDR and with a
> different binary package name:
> SPECIAL_VDR_SUFFIX=devel dpkg-buildpackage -tc -uc -us -rfakeroot
> This way it works out-of-the-box with all the various build tools.

Why don't you provide a script like debian/make-special-rules such that

dpkg-buildpackage -tc -uc -us -rfakeroot

does the job? I'm sure you already considered this idea, so would you mind
explaining why this does not work? Obviously you can tell your users/developers
that calling this script is required just as you documented the

> >From our point of view this is so easy to do and so easy to maintain (it's
> working quite well for over 2 years now), that this very specific
> requirement of the policy just seems to be a useless piece of bureaucratic
> over-specificiation.
> We are still thinking about different solutions, not requiring to change
> the shebang line. But as said before - it's not that easy and it will most
> likely increase the complexity of debian/rules. A lot of pain, without a
> gain :-)


I think Manoj already explained quite well why policy is that specific about a
single line. And apparently thousands of packages adhere to policy in this case,
so it's somewhat dubious that only VDR-related packages cannot cope with it. I
understand that any solution must remain easy to use and of course also easy to
maintain. But a hackish shebang line cannot be the only way to achieve this.


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