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Re: debian/rules "make -f" restriction

Philipp Kern wrote:

> I didn't say that, right?  Please don't lay words into my mouth.  I said
> "here" to specify the concrete case of policy describing the first n bytes
> of debian/rules despite the interface being completely in accordance with
> the normal procedures (i.e. being a Makefile and even make -f compliant).

Personally I think debian/rules shouldn't be restriked to make. But I
know, that changing this has an rather heavy impact, so this is something
completely different from our current problem.

But like Philipp, Lucas or Charles I believe, that the policy is too
specific in requiring a fixed shebang line, instead of just stating, that
debian/rules must be a Makefile which should execute itself when ran as a

But obviously I'm representing a tiny corner case here, which nobody
really cares about, so I don't expect to get any reasonable support in
changing the policy.

And as it seems, just silently overriding and ignoring this error isn't an
option either.

So the only options we have left are, to make a probably hard to maintain
debian/rules  (if it is possible at all - believe me, it's not that easy
as it seams), find an "external solution" or simply take away this feature.


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