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Re: ignoring the CoC in regards to cc:s (Re: Can we ship sources of a PDF file in the Debian diff?

Ben Finney wrote:
Frank Lin PIAT <fpiat@klabs.be> writes:

Note that at the moment, my MUA (Evolution) has three buttons. None
behave "correctly" for mailing lists:
Reply = Reply to sender only
Reply to all = reply to all previous sender and recipients
Reply to list = Reply to list only, dropping non-subscribed sender.

Those sound correct.

If someone writes a message to a list, but doesn't arrange to read
messages from that list, I don't think we can expect software to
automatically figure out that they would nevertheless like to receive
those messages.

you are going too far away.

The rationale was: lkml is a high traffic so CC: policy is good; but
we Debian doesn't have this large traffic mailing list.

Your comment fails on lkml (and large lists), where:
- nobody can read all mails
- sometime it is necessary to point mail to people
  (it is normal to add CC to relevant people, take as example:
  a bug in a keyboard driver, which after few tests it is discovered to
  be a scheduler problem: a scheduler developer would probably skip
  the thread (because of subject) if it was not included also on CC.

So your comment is to generic to be true. So add a "On Debian" clause,
but then... not all of our users are used on Debian things
(upstream for example, newbies, press, wannabe debian user, ...).

But you fail also on pragmatic level:
a lot of discussions are stopped because of lack of CC:
Take debian-legal.

How a non-subscriber can follow discussion?
How he can reply to a message (with correct headers?
A copy-paste is far worse)
I think you can answer right, now remove your debian hat and

From old gnu maintainer guide: it is far better to have more
mails about problems (but not useful) than not knowing that
there is a problem.
So people!!! take into account our users! not only the
super debianer (developers, supporter, maintainer, ...)


Either the sender needs to arrange to get those messages themselves (by
subscribing to the list), or they will need to rely on people manually
doing what the mailing list could do for them (sending replies
individually to them).

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