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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

Le lundi 02 mars 2009 à 09:59 -0800, Bill Unruh a écrit :
> without legal impediment). Now the question is, is there some way of clearing
> out the underbrush so that both sides agree that there is no impediment. 

What you mean is: “Both sides should agree that Jörg Schilling is
right”. How do you expect anyone else than Schilling himself to buy

> (Note that the chances of any legal action being taken by anyone with respect
> to cdrtools is miniscule. So it is not fear that stands in the way, but a
> "legal quibble".

Jörg Schilling has repeatedly threatened to take legal action, and this
is precisely the reason that led to renaming cdrtools to cdrkit.
Actually, even if we were to switch back to cdrtools as upstream source,
we would still be distributing it under the cdrkit name, otherwise we
couldn’t patch it without calling for Lord Schilling’s wrath.

> Well, I think there is the problem. This has come down to personal issues, not
> legal or technical. Everyone is so dug into their positions that they simply
> spend time lobbing grenades at each other, rather then trying to work through
> the problem. Yes, Schilling is "difficult" but by now, so is Debian. The
> amount of childish vituperation that has been seen in this discussion mostly
> but not all coming from the Debian side is pretty disgusting.

I think the Debian members have all been pretty clear on what is asked
to work with the project. Some of us are used to deal with upstream
developers behaving like assholes, so that is not the problem. The
problem is that we cannot distribute cdrecord binaries. Full stop. End
of story. Bye bye.

The same goes for Gentoo. For Fedora. For OpenSUSE, Mandriva and Ubuntu.
Man, so many “difficult” distributors, all refusing to cooperate, and
distributing cdrkit instead! Disgusting.

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