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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

Le dimanche 01 mars 2009 à 22:31 +0100, Michelle Konzack a écrit :
> I have 35 TEAC CD-Burner, 18 TraxData and a bunch of Yamaha.
> All they are SCSI and not a singel one is working with wodim.
> The same goes for my 4 DVD burners which are SCSI too.
> Since I have the CD-Burner in production, I have not the time  to  check
> wodim years for bugs.
> I have installed cdrecord and it just  work  like  Nero4linux  with  the
> difference, that Nero can handel only one Burner @once but cdrecors  all
> 28 TEAC burner on the installed 4 Cards @once...

Unfortunately, as such, we are not going to distribute either Nero
(which is non-free) nor cdrecord (which is undistributable). If you are
interested into improving CD burning support in Debian, you’re welcome
to either help fixing these bugs in wodim or help resolving the
licensing situation of cdrecord. 

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