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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

On Mon, Mar 02 2009, Bill Unruh wrote:

> Agreed, both sides have to come to the conclusion that they are
> operating legally. On the plus side, Schilling would like to have his
> software distributed in the distros. He is also strongly of the
> opinion that there is no legal impediment to that happening. Debian is
> of the opinion that there IS an impediment. It is not that Schilling
> recognizes the impediment and refuses to clear it, it is that he does
> not believe that there is one. Thus both sides are to a large extent
> on the same page (wanting to distribute and to do so without legal
> impediment). Now the question is, is there some way of clearing out
> the underbrush so that both sides agree that there is no
> impediment.

        That assumes a priori that Debian's position is wrong, and that
 there is no legal impediments to distributing upstream cdtools. How
 about countenancing the view that there could actually be a legal
 issue, as Debian thinks there is?

        An attempt at mediation that starts from such a biased stance is
 unlikely to succeed.

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