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Re: "Debian women may leave due to 'sexist' post"

On Sunday 28 December 2008 08:06, "Всеволод Величко" <torkvemada@nigma.ru> 
> > You are right, the images there might be offensive to you as a man.
> > I am not sorry for that, sorry :)
> Excuse me, you are against sexism, but what you mention is the same -
> from the opposite side. That's the same "women's" sexism. If we should
> respect women's rights, may be women should do the same? Otherwise it
> looks very childish, sorry.

In the message you replied to and in all the other messages of Amaya's that I 
have read I have not seen anything which could reasonably be interpreted as 
sexism or discrimination against any other group.

The pictures from Amaya's site which were previously cited in this thread did 
not offend me.


Some of the pins had exaggerated slogans which are used for rhetorical effect 
(see the Wikipedia page on hyperbole).  Attending a political rally wearing a 
pin saying "I'm mildly opposed to ..." would not be effective.

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