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Re: Bug severity and release-critical status

On Sat, 27 Dec 2008, Ben Finney wrote:
> Suppose the release managers decide that the division line you point
> out will, as of tomorrow, lie in a different place from where it is
> today (i.e. between a different neighbouring pair of severity
> levels). Suppose further that their reasoning for this is
> unanimously (!) accepted by all DDs as reasonable and the change a
> necessary one.
> I would argue: Such a situation should *not* require changing the
> severity level of *any* bug report in the BTS. Any existing report
> that requires its severity changed as a result of this changed
> criterion is classified incorrectly, and any decision to change a
> bug report's severity, based only on this changed release criterion,
> is an incorrect decision.

That's not correct. If a bug doesn't meet the criterial for release
criticality, its severity will need to be adjusted (or in some cases,
an -ignore tag added).

Don Armstrong

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