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Re: Mailing lsit code of conduct, again

* Jose Luis Rivas Contreras <ghostbar38@gmail.com> [080518 17:27]:
> I believe it could be easier that the mailing list software left the
> mailing list in the reply-header. The main issue is that when you hit
> "Reply" the only one who is left in the headers is actually who sent the
> email and if you hit "Reply All" obviously the author of the last email
> is listed too.
> There's a good reason why this haven't been done yet? Other mailing
> lists which I've been subscribed use this.

This makes it impossible for people to set their own reply-to to specify
where they want to get private answers sent to. And it makes pressing the
reply button sending mails to the list instead of replying privately,
which is very confusing...

	Bernhard R. Link

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