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Re: A suggestion

On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, Lennart Sorensen wrote:

Ubuntu does seem to try harder to make auto detection of x86 hardware
work well, while Debian tries to make sure all architectures work well,
although given the scope of all that hardware, it may not be quite as

To be honest: I see no real contradiction in perfect detection of x86
hardware while trying best to detect other hardware as good as possible.
So I would regard the argument: "We do not detect x86 as good as Ubuntu
because we also detect other hardware." as completely void and outsiders
will consider this as ignorance.

Of course Ubuntu also updates their releases way more often than Debian,
and willl work easier on new hardware then Debian as a result, since you
can't expect a 2 your old distribution to work perfectly on a 1 year old
machine since the hardware hadn't even been designed when the software
was released.

This sounds more reasonable (but will trigger the next question which
is ranking high on top of FAQ lists). ;-)

Kind regards



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