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Re: A suggestion

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 12:32:33PM +0530, Unni wrote:
> I have been using debian for the last 2 years. ( i was unaware of linux b4
> that)
> I installed debian etch in many machines with varying configurations. Most
> of the time I was only able to install the base system with no sound, poor
> resolution, no video etc. This was especially in laptops.
> Recently I tried Ubuntu. Surprisingly to me, after installation the sound
> card, video card etc are detected automatically.
> And more.. the appearence is much good compared to etch, i think.
> Why the debian can be more interesting? More graphics, more drivers etc.
> I think this can be done without a big effort ( correct me if  I am wrong).
> I suggest to make this change possible.
> If this is not a good suggestion please discard it. I love to use debian and
> I wanted it to be more that Ubuntu.

Most machines I have installed Etch on detected everything perfectly
too.  Even more so for recent attempts with Lenny.

Ubuntu does seem to try harder to make auto detection of x86 hardware
work well, while Debian tries to make sure all architectures work well,
although given the scope of all that hardware, it may not be quite as

Of course Ubuntu also updates their releases way more often than Debian,
and willl work easier on new hardware then Debian as a result, since you
can't expect a 2 your old distribution to work perfectly on a 1 year old
machine since the hardware hadn't even been designed when the software
was released.  Try installing Windowx XP on a new machine without having
some driver disks to help it with all that new hardware.

Len Sorensen

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