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Re: A suggestion

[Roberto C. Sánchez]
> Debian is targeted at a much wider audience using a much greater
> variety of hardware in a great many more configurations.  Many of
> those people have no need or desire for the features you describe.

And quite a lot of us Debian users have a need an desire of the
features described.  As one of the Debian Developers that has spent
the last 7 years improve all of them in Debian, I am happy to report
that we are doing well, and while Ubuntu has been copying and
releasing our improvement (as well as made their own) before Debian
managed to, I am confident that we will merge back the good pieces
from Ubuntu to make sure Debian continue to be a great distribution
also for laptop and desktop users.

> Alternatively, since Debian is an all-volunteer project you can feel
> free to volunteer to contribute the necessary changes.

We definitely need more hands to work on the tasks in Debian, but this
reply feels to me like a "do it yourself or shut up", and I believe
such reply is uncalled for.

Automatic configuration, improved hardware detection, improved
handling of laptops, faster installations, quicker boots, more
hardware supported are all features being worked on, and Debian is
better than ever on all these accounts.  Lenny will be the best Debian
release ever, as Etch was before it.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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