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Re: Practical solutions to: the new style "mass tirage" of bugs

On Tue, 26 Feb 2008, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> I think that such a field would be meaningful only to sort upon it,
> and go looking for sorting of multiple valued fields seems to be
> looking for trouble to me.

Since tags don't sort, they segregate, you just choose based on the
first one that matches, so it's no real trouble. [The debbugs example
with my user is one way you can do things.]
> Sounds like hackish, doesn't it?

The advantage is it works now, works with methods that are known to
work, and doesn't require a whole set of new control methods to
interact with the field.
> Anyhow, another point for preferring a non-user priority tag is that
> you don't need to set a user, which IMO makes a lot easier to deal
> with bug reports since you don't risk to forget what the "right"
> user for the tag/category you're setting is (which frequently
> happens to me).

You'd have to have a user; it could be a visible one by using
sourcepackage@packages.debian.org or
binarypackage@packages.debian.org, but implementing something like
this that is necessarily a personal (or small group of people)
preference in a way that can't be made personal is a waste of time,

Don Armstrong

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authority myself
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