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Re: Practical solutions to: the new style "mass tirage" of bugs

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 05:19:50PM +0100, Roland Mas wrote:
> > Now, if I could run an 'apt-get source -t unstable foo' and create
> > my patch against the resulting source package, and be sure that the
> > maintainer won't reject it on the grounds of the patch not being
> > against the head (or latest, or whatever) of whichever $DVCS they
> > happen to be using, then things would be a little better.
> I believe that's exactly what debcheckout(1) is for.


>   As for generating the patch, maybe debcommit(1) could be extended to
> provide a --diff-only option that would just output a patch rather
> than try to actually commit.  And while we're at it, maybe there could

I've just committed such a change, try "debcommit --diff" from ... well,
only from "debcheckout devscripts" for the moment.

> be a debcheckout --update option that would update the working copy to
> the current state of the repository.

I see less the point of this, but maybe it's just me. What we are
basically doing with these features is to abstract over a particular
$VCS. The initial point about debcheckout was most about retrieving the
information about where a given package is maintained and use the
appropriate tool to check it out. It was not (at least in my mind) to
enable a developer not knowing a given $VCS to use it, so I'm a bit
scared about this proposal: can't the developer just do "$VCS update"
from the last working copy she checked out?


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