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Re: electronics-menu REJECTED (discussion)

El mar, 15-01-2008 a las 16:22 +0100, Andreas Tille escribió:
> On Tue, 15 Jan 2008, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> >> And here we have good chances for a flame because I as a user would
> >> not expect Science and Math under a main menu "Technical".  I'd rather
> >> see "Science" as a main menu entry and find "Math" below this.  I
> >> do not say that my point of view is correct but there is no "correct"
> >> location for the sections and it mainly depends from users view where
> >> he might search for certain topics.  That's my arguing for grouping
> >> users according to their views and care for them in sub projects
> >> were you are able to do reasonable guessings where a user would
> >> suspect certain applications.  This was one sense for the Debian-Med
> >> project because every user of this project will definitely enter
> >> the "Med" main menu and can easily proceed from there.  For these
> >> users the "Technical" menu section would be of low use.
> >
> >
> > And another flame decission chance comes when you have to decide if an
> > application should be under , e.g., Education/electronics or
> > Technical/Electronics. As an example, where do you think qucs[1] should
> > be placed? It's wonderfull to study at a deep level how solid state
> > circuits work, but also wonderful for secondary school children to study
> > and simulate digital and analogic circuits...
> But your argument exactly supports my position that the place
> where a user expects a program depends from the tasks a user has to
> do.  So we need user groups first and afterwards we need the
> apropriate menus.  It's hard to believe but people (sometimes we
> forget that users are people ;-)) are different and there is no
> really good way to find a general menu.

Exactly, my conclusions after working sometime on this issue is the
same: we need user groups, then menu profiles for those groups  , then
desktop-profiles to join both (just
using /etc/xdg/menu/applications-merged doesn't work because of the bad
place of the "<DefaultMergeDirs/>" line in current
gnome/kde-applications.menu files) 

> > So, if the right profiles are installed in the system, with
> > apt-get install <application>
> > the user will see the application in a different branch depending of the
> > system groups he belongs.
> I did not dived very deeply into this but does "system group"
> here UNIX group or is this even transparent for LDAP using systems etc.?

I think so, I don't see any reason for a more complicated solution. I
did my tests for education using students & teachers unix groups (under
LDAP) with desktop-profiles and it works perfectly.

José L.

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