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Re: Future Debian package candidate web pages: present and future

Neil Williams wrote:
Have you thought about not relying on a cron job but doing the whole
thing via the PHP SOAP interface? I'm using PHP and SOAP to query the
BTS for Emdebian.
(code available in the Emdebian SVN repo)

yes, i have. i need some sort of cache here because i cannot
send traffic for 1500 HTTP request per page view and also
not wait for them to return. actually about 200 requests is
where PHP's runtime limitation comes into play on the machine
running binera.de . so using SOAP alone was no option to me.

It could do with some sub-divisions, separating ITP from RFP etc.

i plan to add a checkbox for each kind so you can have any

Also some form of re-ordering using the PHP query-string? To allow
sorting by age, title, type and even description. (Think how Apache does
index pages for directories or the various RCS web frontends allow
sorting by age etc.)

have you tried clicking the links in the table header?
currently sorting by age, type and project is possible.

One very useful addition would be an internal search - help people find
out if an RFP or ITP already exists before filing a new ITP etc. Sorting
by description or project could help with that but a full text search
would be v.useful. The hardest thing to do right now is work out if
someone has already filed an ITP or RFP when preparing an ITP myself.
There are so many that my eyes just glaze over when browsing the WNPP
list and in-browser text search isn't always friendly.

adding a search is a good idea.

btw thanks for your PHP code on the wiki page. without that i wouldn't
have anything now. i think the first PHP example is missing some
"$bugnumber = X"; line.


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