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Re: Future Debian package candidate web pages: present and future

Don Armstrong wrote:
There's no SQL to talk to. If you want actual accurate data, the SOAP
service is the thing to talk to. [Anything else has various delay
lengths in it before you actually see the data reported.]

i started working on this project and i have reached the point
where it makes sense to get more eyes into play:


it's a start, not a full solution yet.

-- status quo details
my wnpp page is run by two PHP 5 scripts: one is syncing a MySQL database with BTS, the other one allows to browse the current content of the database. syncing currently means adding new bugs and removing old bugs, but not yet updating the others, e.g. currently bug retitles will not show up there.

-- todos
* decide how to best setup the cron job
* update existing database entries
* make it pretty
* make it bullet-proof
* make it more usable

help with the todos, as well as any feedback is very welcome.


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