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Re: Future Debian package candidate web pages: present and future


Sebastian Pipping wrote:
> * what you think

It is a good idea to make those pages more useful :)

> * how it can be done

Ok, let's go point by point:

> * No sorting by age

AFAIR the SOAP interface can provide you with such information (refer to the
wiki page).

> * No importance/popularity tag of packages

popcon data is available at popcon.d.o, importance can be extracted from the
Packages files.
And for ITP/RFP bugs an external service could do the trick (like bugzilla's
votes system).

> * No combined requested-or-worked-on (== not packaged) view

This isn't very clear for me, why do you want to combine them?

> * No easy status indicator, e.g. "license issues",
>    "upstream without maintainer", ...

That can be done by making use of usertags :)

Raphael Geissert

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