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Re: Is menu orphaned?

On Tue, 4 Dec 2007, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

       When there is consensus, and the practice follows the consensus,
then we write it into policy.  Just a bunch of us munchkins agreeing on
a mailing list somewhere (consensus) is not, in my opinion, enough:
existing practice must shift.   There are exceptions to this policy
change rule, but I have not, sofar, seen any compelling arguments to
warrant departing from the "policy defines existing standard behaviour"
rule so far.

I completely agree here.
That's why I started some action (I agree that changing the policy
would be one of the last steps) regarding informing people about the
new format.  It seems that my logic was wrong that format-2 would
be the successor of format-1 (which in my opinion would be a
normal thing if numbers increase) because I had the feeling that
former and current menu maintainer failed completely in communicating
their work regarding a new format.

Currently I desperately hope for a reasonable explanation of the
sense of two coexisting formats when there is no but a cosmetic
advantage of one over the other.  IMHO two formats with
nearly no difference just cause trouble.  I'm waiting for a
statement of the maintainer that says: "Lets drop one of them"
(I personally do not care which one) or "we really need both
formats for this or that reason" (and thus have to cope with the
extra work that might occure from this decision).

I personally could cope with any decision that is undermined
by a clear reasoning - but any decision has to be done.

Kind regards



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