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Re: Is menu orphaned? (Was: Debian Menu transition status)

On Mon, Dec 03, 2007 at 11:51:25PM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> My problem is that after 8 years the first menu file that is
> actually using it broke a script in cdd-common and I have no
> idea how to fix this because there is no description of this
> format.
> >I don't see how it is relevant to debian-policy or dh-make.
> You don't want to tell me that #447389 and #447390 make no
> sense.

The menu entry format is not documented in the menu policy, so this
discard #447389. Since menu-1 is not deprecated, #447390 is a wishlist.

> >I have no feeling about using menu-2 for menu file, but I recommend
> >it for menu-methods.
> But why?

Because this make functions definitions in menu-methods much more readable.
menu-2 is used in menu-methods for 8 years or so.
menu entry files are much simpler. However some people do not like the
fact that line break are significant.

> >Thanks for explaining to this list all the trouble I had to
> >get through before discovering menu-2.
> ??
> I don't understand this statement?

You explained that the documentation of menu-2 was sub-par. This is
exactly the reason I took five years before learning about menu-2. 
I inherited this feature from the original menu author (Joost).

> >>>So how could you expect developers to adopt a new format if there
> >>>is no information about it?
> >
> >By posting to debian-devel-announce.
> After 8 years and without drawing the consequences to file the
> apropriate bug reports especially #447391?  This sounds not very
> convincing.

Why should lintian flag menu-1 as an error ? menu-1 menu file are
absolutly fine as far as I am concerned.

> >Assuming your menu-1 file has a single entry, this is sufficient.
> >(Else you obviously need one ';' for each entry).
> Well, to come to a productive suggestion: If menu-2 just adds
> some syntax sugar that makes no real advantage - could we just
> drop this new and unknown format?  Would this have any bad
> consequences (except of rewriting some menu methods)?

If you want menu-2 dead, why asking dh_make to generate menu-2 file ?
Why asking lintian to report menu-1 file as error ? Strange...

Anyway, if you have some cdd scripts that are broken by menu-2, please
send them to me and I am sure we will fix them in a short time. 
Actually you can even use update-menus to convert from menu-2 to menu-1.


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