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Re: RC buggy package migrated to testing

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Paul Wise wrote:
> In the absence of version tags, the only way to infer the "and
> wasn't present before" part would be to map timestamps (of bugs and
> uploads) to versions (of bugs and uploads).

Though the BTS actually has that information available (and uses it to
handle archiving) the huristics of figuring out whether a user is
reporting a bug against a version in testing which has recently been
uploaded or merely recently been upgraded or the version in unstable
which has recently been uploaded or merely recently upgraded to the
version in stable which has recently been uploaded or ugpraded to or
the version in any of the architectures which has just been installed
or a version which has no relationship to the versions we distribute
at all but the user happens to have installed you clearly must be a
massochist to have read this sentence to this point continue on to the
next paragraph already.

So yeah, kind of not possible to do in a reasonable fashion without
ESP (and if you've got that working, I know of many bugs that could
use it first.) [I imagine we're probably in violent agreement here.]

Don Armstrong

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