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Re: Installation of Recommends by default on October 1st

On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 20:45:44 +0200
Reinhard Tartler <siretart@debian.org> wrote:

> > Precisely - just what is the benefit? I really don't think this is a
> > good idea. 
> TBH, I think this is a very good idea. There are a lot of cases in the
> debian archive, were the package maintainer wants to express that a
> related package should really be installed by default, but is not
> really necessary in all cases. 

Precisely - I am one of those cases and I don't think there are as few
users in this situation as may be envisaged.

> Moreover, in some cases it makes sense
> to uninstall that related package. Stressing the 'Recommends'
> relationship as mandated by current policy by installing them by
> default in apt it therefore a very good idea.

No, it is a very bad idea.
> > My immediate reaction is to disable recommends on all my
> > boxes. Have I got to write a script now to force this decision to be
> > undone whenever I install a new box?
> That's just one line in your apt.conf, as described in the original
> announcement.

And a script to implement that in every box I have to install. Again
and Again and Again and ....

You almost forcing me into maintaining a fork of apt that restores the
current behaviour from the very start.

> > If I wanted Recommends:, I'd use aptitude - I see no sense in
> > forcing this.
> You can turn it the other way round: If you don't want recommends,
> just turn it of, the same way as you do it with aptitude.

No - because the default is already in place in aptitude which is WHY I
don't use aptitude. If apt goes the same way, the default configuration
of each offers no choice.

By the time I get a chance to switch that option off, the installation
has added loads of JUNK that I do NOT want.
> > I tried the sample commands and apt wanted to add HALF A GIGABYTE of
> > unnecessary stuff!!! Others may consider hard disc space cheap but,
> > in truth, hard disc space is not infinite.
> >
> > Please, please, please, reconsider.
> Please stop whining and start contributing. 

? do you think I don't contribute already ? Don't go down that road, OK?
Just don't.

> E.g. by filing bugs
> against package (and possibly NMU them) that abuse the Recommends
> relationship.

Like moving all Recommends: into Suggests?

I don't want ANY recommends installed by default - not even as udebs. I
want to make the choice about what gets installed from the very first
stage. I'm sure I'm not alone.

Recommends does NOT apply to everyone - that is Policy. What apt is now
doing is undermining Policy by removing that CHOICE to not use any
recommended packages.


Neil Williams

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