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Re: Installation of Recommends by default on October 1st

Neil Williams wrote:
> And a script to implement that in every box I have to install. Again
> and Again and Again and ....
> You almost forcing me into maintaining a fork of apt that restores the
> current behaviour from the very start.

Forking apt and putting a line in a config file seem two quite
dissimilar levels of work. YMMV I guess.

> No - because the default is already in place in aptitude which is WHY I
> don't use aptitude. If apt goes the same way, the default configuration
> of each offers no choice.
> By the time I get a chance to switch that option off, the installation
> has added loads of JUNK that I do NOT want.

As was noted in the initial mail, d-i already disables installation of
recommends by default. debootstrap also does not install recommends by
default. So no matter how you're installing, I don't see why you'd get
any extra stuff added by the installation before the point where you can
put the line in the config file.

I'd like d-i to be able to install recommends in the future, but we
can't do that until all the packages d-i installs have sane recommends,
and we're not there yet (#388290). Turning recommends on by default in
apt and exposing maintainers to all the bad recommends out there seems
like a good way to get them fixed.

see shy jo

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