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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

On Wed, 25 Jul 2007, Andreas Tille wrote:

I'm open to any propositions to make it better,

Well, I made the suggestion of user roles which was more or less ignored
in this thread.

While beeing uncomfortable to reply to my own mail it seems that the
proposal is quite to abstract to get any comment, perhaps a screenshot
I'm using in my talks makes clear what I mean.  Here you can see a
menu of a user that is in the role "med" (for "medicine") and has for
testing purpose also added to the role "junior" (there are no offcial
packages that feature the Dabian-Jr. menu.


Those users that are not in role "med" do not see the "Med" menu entry
(resp. for "Junior" or whatever menu structure is used).  Currently the
implementation of roles is done as UNIX groups which is suboptimal and
thus the implementation is realised as a plugin system.  Perhaps some
LDAP plugin could be written.

I really wonder whether this concept of user roles are really that strange
or stupid that all posters seem to ignore this idea.  (Feel free to teach
me in private to keep silent with those stupid ideas.)

Kind regards



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