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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

Le mardi 17 juillet 2007 à 08:52 +0200, Frank Küster a écrit :
> > I actually do like Don's idea.
> > The first thing I usually do, after installing KDE or Gnome is to
> > disable the Debian menu in /etc/xdg/menus/(gnome,kde)-applications.menu,
> Okay, as long as it can easily be configured, I see no problem in
> disabling it by default.  But there should be either a prominent menu
> entry which is easy to find, or a README.Debian in an obvious package.

If disabled with NoDisplay=true, you can easily re-enable the Debian
menu in alacarte (accessible with a right click and "edit menus"). Would
that suit you?

> Having no icons is probably a feature - someone else said in this thread
> that the icons are the reason for slow menus.

Ideally, slow features should be optimised, not disabled. See my
proposal on -release for generalising icon caches, and upstream
proposals to optimise icon caches further by sorting icons the same way
they are accessed.

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