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Re: XS-X-Vcs-XXX field not (yet) announced

On Sat, 23 Sep 2006 10:20:15 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli
<zack@debian.org> said:  

> Still I see your point, it can be that not all repository layouts
> can be expressed with it. My point on this is still the same: where
> do you use to commit patches to the packaging?

        I commit changes to a local repo behind a couple of firewalls
 that do not accept external connections.

> or better, do you have a repo you consider "master" wrt to the
> other?

        That private repository is the master.

> If there is one, as I think, mention it in the field and use
> debian/README.Debian-source for additional info.

        That information is mostly useless.

        I do have a signed public mirror of the repository which any
 one can read, and branch and pull from, but it does not take

> If you really think your scheme is specific of a given VCS of a
> given way of working

        I do. Arch configs were present from the very earliest days of
 Arch, and most of the non-toy arch projects I have seen do use
 configs to pull together a project from multiple branches/

> you can propose a URL scheme able to encode multiple URLs, or we can
> imagine put in the field a comma separated list of URLs.  After all
> the semantic of the value of XS-Vcs-* will be *-driven.

        URL's are not what would be needed.

        The information that is required could possibly be couched
  like so (RFC 2822 field folding) (for flex in stable)
| XS-VCS-ARCH-Repo:  srivasta@debian.org--2003-primary
|     http://arch.debian.org/arch/private/srivasta/archive-2003
|  ./flex/flex-2.5.31 
|   srivasta@debian.org--2003-primary/flex--devo--2.5--versionfix-3
|  ./flex/flex-2.5.31/debian
|   srivasta@debian.org--2003-primary/debian-dir--flex--1.0--versionfix-4
|  ./flex/flex-2.5.31/debian/common
|   srivasta@debian.org--2003-primary/skeleton-make-rules--main--0.1--patch-13

        Hmm. This still does not provide a pointer to my archive gpg key.

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