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Re: Media players in Debian (was: new mplayer)

[Bartosz Fenski]
> Mplayer comes with his friend mencoder. I doubt that koffeine,
> totem, xine, vlc have something to offer in that regard.

Yes, I believe you are right there.  I suspect ffmpeg is the closest
"replacement" for mencoder, thought the feature set is different. :)

> And if I can't play something with vlc I'm almost sure it's playable with
> mplayer + w32codecs.

I've experienced both, movies playable with vlc and not mplayer, and
the other way around.  And vlc will use the w32codecs as well, so
there is not much difference there.

> Yes, I know there won't be w32codecs package in Debian, but even
> mplayer would be great addition.

I agree, but understand and accept that the license issues need to be
checked before it is accepted into debian.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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