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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

Adam Borowski wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 26, 2006 at 02:01:21AM -0400, Benjamin Seidenberg wrote:
>> Michelle Konzack wrote:
>>> Since I have no valid ID-Card (problens with France, since I am origin
>>> iranish/turkish witeh illegal german adoptivp arents) I can not enter
>>> the NM... nobody can sign legaly my GPG key and more bs.
>>> Maybe if I go back to Iran or Turkey it would be possible for me.
>> You can always use a Transnational Republic ID card.
> I am pretty sure Michelle has at least _some_ sort of ID, even as an
> illegal alien.  And with the current anti-Arab scare she would be
> already deported were she lacking complete valid papers -- you can
> sit in peace if you don't travel anywhere, but by browsing
> debian-devel I get the impression Michelle travels around a lot.
> And, there is a number of ways to reasonably prove your identity
> better than an ID.  And ID can be gotten by talking to an
> absent-minded clerk, bribing the said underpaid clerk or even get a
> nice blank one from Ivan -- so an ID cannot be deemed a solid proof.
> Michelle, you're not a nobody.  Many people know you.  If I walked
> with you to a known figure who knew you for a number of years and he
> vouched for you, I would be a lot more certain than if I had seen
> nothing but a smudged photo on an ID.  You can bribe or sweet-talk the
> guy to fool me, but I still would call an university professor or the
> like someone more trustworthy than a nameless clerk.  And I'm sure
> there's a number of similar people who know you.  What would you say
> about the chief of Polish chapter of FFII?  He's a long-time buddy of
> mine, even though I haven't seen him for a number of years.  While
> not a DD, I don't think his word would have less weight than an ID
> you can get for $25.
> Also, the name means little.  I don't really care if an upload was
> done by a person who claims to be named "Benjamin Seidenberg", I care
> that it was done by a person with a history of valid good
> contributions whose prior work was checked by many people.  Whether
> it was signed by "Benjamin Seidenberg" doesn't matter until I want to
> pursue legal action.  I don't need your real name to appreciate your
> deeds -- feeling thankful to "astronut" works as well.
> It's the ownership of the key what matters, not the name attached to
> it.  It's important to know that the key is yours, not that it
> belongs to a "Benjamin Seidenberg".
This issue was heavily discussed in a previous project thread after the
blog post I linked to was published. It incited a huge flame war, which
I was referring to in humor.

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