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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

On Sat, Aug 26, 2006 at 02:01:21AM -0400, Benjamin Seidenberg wrote:
> Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > Since I have no valid ID-Card (problens with France, since I am origin
> > iranish/turkish witeh illegal german adoptivp arents) I can not enter
> > the NM... nobody can sign legaly my GPG key and more bs.
> >
> > Maybe if I go back to Iran or Turkey it would be possible for me.
> You can always use a Transnational Republic ID card.

I am pretty sure Michelle has at least _some_ sort of ID, even as an
illegal alien.  And with the current anti-Arab scare she would be
already deported were she lacking complete valid papers -- you can
sit in peace if you don't travel anywhere, but by browsing
debian-devel I get the impression Michelle travels around a lot.

And, there is a number of ways to reasonably prove your identity
better than an ID.  And ID can be gotten by talking to an
absent-minded clerk, bribing the said underpaid clerk or even get a
nice blank one from Ivan -- so an ID cannot be deemed a solid proof.

Michelle, you're not a nobody.  Many people know you.  If I walked
with you to a known figure who knew you for a number of years and he
vouched for you, I would be a lot more certain than if I had seen
nothing but a smudged photo on an ID.  You can bribe or sweet-talk the
guy to fool me, but I still would call an university professor or the
like someone more trustworthy than a nameless clerk.  And I'm sure
there's a number of similar people who know you.  What would you say
about the chief of Polish chapter of FFII?  He's a long-time buddy of
mine, even though I haven't seen him for a number of years.  While
not a DD, I don't think his word would have less weight than an ID
you can get for $25.

Also, the name means little.  I don't really care if an upload was
done by a person who claims to be named "Benjamin Seidenberg", I care
that it was done by a person with a history of valid good
contributions whose prior work was checked by many people.  Whether
it was signed by "Benjamin Seidenberg" doesn't matter until I want to
pursue legal action.  I don't need your real name to appreciate your
deeds -- feeling thankful to "astronut" works as well.

It's the ownership of the key what matters, not the name attached to
it.  It's important to know that the key is yours, not that it
belongs to a "Benjamin Seidenberg".

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